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A KageHina Fanfiction

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_haikyuutrash_ I just like musicals and haikyuu :')
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Hinata and Kageyama have feelings for eachother but don't know how to properly put it in words. Does Hinata ever confess to his raven haired setter? Will Kageyama open his heart and let down his guard for his decoy? Find out in this first in a series of various Haikyuu fanfictions.

Confessions A KageHina Fanfiction By _HaikyuuTrash_

Hinata stood by his bike, waiting for Kageyama. He'd been struggling to tell Kags how he felt, but between volleyball and school, he could hardly find the perfect moment. Kageyama emerged from the gym, and grabbed his bike. "Come on, dumbass," He said. "Are we gonna go or not?" "Huh-Oh yeah." Hinata breathed. His mind had been wandering. . . No. he thought. Gotta stay on track.

Hinata and Kageyama walked their bikes home in silence. "You're awfully quiet.," Kags muttered. Somethings up, he thought to himself. Hinata almost never shuts up. "Uh, Ka-Tobio?" Hinata said. Kageyama froze, not being used to his friends calling him by his first name. "I-I was wondering- Have you ever liked anyone? As in, Like-Like?" Kageyama's cold stare bore into Hinata's warm chocolate eyes.

"What the hell, Hinata?" Kageyama said angrily. "Who just asks questions like that, you dumbass?" "I-I was just curious,"Hinata mumbled, intimated by the raven haired setter. "I just wanted to know who you're interested in." "Why?" Kags huffed, setting aside his bike. Hinata bit his lip, blushing furiously. Kageyama noticed how cute he looked when he blushed.

This in turn made his cheeks turn cotton candy pink. Kageyama picked him up by his shirt. "Why do you need to know, of all people?" Hinata kicked his legs, trying to avoid Kageyama. "P-Put me down!" "I'll put you down when you tell me!" Kageyama yelled at the little orange haired boy. Hinata lightly bit Kageyama's hand, causing him to put him down, and pedaled away. Kageyama's face was unusually rosy. He noticed how hot his face felt.

No, no no. Of course not. Why would he have a crush on that tiny dumbass? Sure , his orange curls were adorable, and his smile could lift up anyone, and his- Kageyama was home before he even realized it. Before his mother could greet him, he ran into his room and shut the door. He grabbed his volleyball and bounced it repeatedly against the wall frustratedly. Why would the dumbass want to know?

Besides, he wasn't sure for himself his sexuality. He'd never liked anyone before. He'd noticed girls hitting on him before, he never felt anything remotely romantic though. The bounce of the red, green and white volleyball soothed Kageyama's senses. He just never felt anything for anyone before. But even that he wasn't so sure about. He did get overprotective of the Dumbass sometimes. . .

The next day, Hinata showed up to practice as bright and bubbly as ever. He remained a little wary of Kageyama, but he decided to shrug it off. Hinata looked over at Kageyama with the ball in hand. He jumped up, grinning as the raven haired boy set the ball, at their unique minus tempo.

After practice, Hinata waited outside with his bike like usual. Kageyama walked out of the gym, surprised that he wasn't blushing. "w-what do you want, dumbass?" "I just wanted to give you my number. . ." Hinata mumbled, bright red, shoving the small paper into Kageyama's hand, his hand resting on his just a little longer than you'd expect. If it was possible, he turned even redder, waved goodbye and rode off.

Later that night, Kageyama added the number onto his contacts. A couple blocks away, Hinata was awaiting a text or call. Suddenly, just as he was about to give up, his phone buzzed. Excited, Hinata unlocked it and read the text.

Bakeyama: Hey dumbass. Hinata quickly typed back his response. Kageyama was surprised that the decoy texted him back. Boke: Hi! I was thinking that you weren't gonna text at all. Bakeyama: I was considering it. Boke: Awww.

Kageyama sighed. Bakeyama: Why're you so cute? Boke: What? Bakeyama: What? Boke: oooOOOh! Bakeyama: Shut up, dumbass. Boke: Lol wanna meet up at the park tomorrow? Its saturday. Kageyama stared at his phone.

Was he being asked out? He didn't know how to respond. Finally, he typed in a response. Bakeyama: Sure. How about 4 pm? Boke: Sure! It's a date! Kageyama couldn't have been happier.

The next day, Hinata stood waiting for his best friend/love interest. Finally, Kageyama showed up, holding a volleyball. Hinata grinned. "Hey, Kageyama!" He ran up to him. To his surprise, Kags smiled a little. Huh. "Heya, dumbass," He said. "You wanna practice or something?" "Uh, I was kind of hoping we could just sit and talk for awhile,"Hinata shrugged. Kags was surprised he turned down

an invitation to play volleyball, which was basically their life blood. "Uh- S-Sure." Kageyama sat on the bench, and Hinata plopped down next to him. It seemed like hours before Kageyama finally brought up what was bugging him so much.

"Hey, Hin - Dum-Shouyou?" Kageyama started, blushing. Damn it. He didn't mean to use his first name. . . Hinata was just as surprised. He decided to return the favor. "Yeah, t-tobio?" "Do you- Do you like anyone?" Kageyama blushed, trying to avoid eye contact. "Uhhh," Hinata turned bright red. "y-yes. I do." "Who is it?" "I've been meaning to tell 'em,"

Hinata mumbled. "It's just- between volleyball and school, there's almost no time." "Who?" Kageyama's pale face was flushed with color. "Well- I-" Hinata giggled, "I-I'm sitting right next to him." He leaned on Kags. Kageyama smiled. "M-me too." Hinata's chocolate brown eyes sparkled in the late afternoon sunshine. Kageyama gently leaned down for a kiss.

The feeling of Shouyou's soft lips on his was incredible. Shouyou's breathing hitched as he brought up his hand to Tobio's face. A deep rumble settled in Tobio's chest, a sound of affectionate satisfaction. He finally pulled away for air. Hinata's eyes were wide. He grinned. "Make me yours." "Always."

hey guys thanks for reading my first fic hope it was good try to sleep bc we all know ur probably reading this at night see you on the other side! Love, _HaikyuuTrash_

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