I am Scared
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_evolving_soul It only takes a leap of faith
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I wont let the pain break me - I have learned to pick myself up.

I am Scared

Sometimes I feel like this world isn't my place anymore. I feel like I belong to the stars where pain doesn't exist.

Do you feel like you belong to the stars, and the world ain't enough? Anywhere you find yourself doesn't feel like home anymore?

I always desire a place where there is no more pain, and I can't take it anymore. I don't feel myself anymore. Fake smiles everywhere I go, hiding my pain and mistakes.

Every day I fight to get out of my ways but am doing time in my mind - I am in chains. I have been a sinner for way too long. I am scared.

I am scared it has already gone too deep. My heart can't find peace during the night - I don't find enough sleep cause am always in my thoughts. I guess that's just who I am.

My demons won't leave me alone, but LORD knows am trying to fight back. I am afraid my mistakes and things I don't talk about have been haunting me.

I wear a fake face to hide my mistakes and suppress my pain; I am afraid I can't take it anymore.

Why do we grow up to fight distress and sorrow for the rest of our lives? I mean, that's f*cked up. Forgive me for sounding rude; that's how life is. Every day is a struggle in this life.

I try my best to go for the life I dreamed of as a kid, but I am scared it's too late. I am not the man I thought I would grow up to be.

I have tried to do everything "right," but I always find myself caught up in my pain. I have dug a bottomless pit in my heart; I am scared I will fall.

All my life, I have been doing things just to get validation from people. That has really messed me up. I thought if I hide my flaws, people will accept me.

Well, I forgot who I was and who I wanted to be. For a long time, I have avoided conflict just to feel "safe" and keep my world smooth.

I have searched to do the "right" things just to live a happy and problem-free world. Well, take it from me, perfection is an illusion; there's nothing like a perfect life.

I am scared it's too late to face my demons.

I have been dead broke too many times. I guess I will have to sleep in this bed of mistakes I made. It's my world, and I have to own it; I guess that's who I am now.

I try to escape the bad memories that hurt, but they keep repeatedly playing in my mind - it's like watching horror movies on repeat.

I try to fall in love with my flaws, but I am scared the wound is already too deep.

I know I haven't been myself lately. I don't feel myself anymore; I guess it's that moment to take time out. I have been losing my mind and everybody close to me.

I am running from my past, but I am scared it always catches up with me. The sorrow is overwhelming. I can't take this shit anymore.

Running from my past, and I don't know what the future holds for me - fake smiles to hide the emptiness and the hollow inside. I got lost such that I forgot to take care of myself.

Sometimes I wish death on myself cause there will be no more pain when we are gone - I am scared.

Why do we protect our hearts as if we have one? Trying to escape from my pain, but I cant' run - I always find myself backsliding though I am trying to heal. Everybody notices our mistakes but not the pain.

This hollow in my soul is deeper than the last one. Writing reminds me pain is temporary - failures never last. I know how it feels to have scars.

I have learned to be alone and get along with loneliness cause nobody cares. I have learned to love myself when I am weak; when I am down, I have learned to love my imperfections.

Sometimes we make mistakes; sometimes we feel tired, sometimes we fall, and sometimes I know you feel the same.

I am scared the devil will break me, but I have learned to love myself the way I am. I have learned to breathe when I am drowning. I have learned to pick myself up when I am scared.


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