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_evolving_soul It only takes a leap of faith
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Perhaps what we are going through is meant to strengthen us in patience. In the search for a new home, a place where I can be true to myself.


Who or where do you consider home? I have been lost and lived as an outsider for too long. I always wear a smile whenever I am in a crowd to feel like I am home.

I often find myself surrounded by friends, relatives, and siblings, but I still can't fill this void in my heart.

Ever feel alone, but you are in a crowd? It seems this loneliness follows me wherever I go. I have tried to find a place where I can just be myself and express my ideas.

Sometimes I sit down and wish this shame would leave me alone.

Shame is the lowest level of consciousness that vibrates through our souls. Shame comes into our lives when we do things we never imagined of.

The pain we experience through shame reminds us of the loss of our vibrations and integrity.

Suffering reminds us and shows us what we did wrong and what needs to be corrected and done to move forward. Shame lowers our vibrations and self-esteem.

Don't stay in your shame; take the lessons delivered and work on your self-awareness. Let shame not push you around to seek validation.

I have lived in a cage for half of my life; I have been an outsider and never felt like I fit in. Where is my home? My memories are my home. That's who I am.

The memories reveal the real me; I have decided to let myself out of the cage and start living. I get emotional sometimes; I never planned for that to happen. I did things I never imagined.

Honestly, I never thought of myself writing. This was not my dream.

Now, this is what I have learned about life. The society we grow in never gives us the chance to be ourselves. So many stories about life and advice on how you should live your life.

Any ideas you have about life and have learned are nothing but dire disillusionment; I am sorry if you feel me.

I mean; look at the sort of world we live in, body shaming in social media, some people are still fighting for freedom like we living in the 15th century,

the wealthy are still oppressing the poor; no one notices the youth's pain; they only see the mistakes but not the tears.

Most of us are caught in the game - chasing for fortune & fame, forgetting or ignoring the high level of mental distress we are under.

Take off your rose-colored glasses, rub your eyes, & look at life long and hard. What do you see? I see life's full of recurring cycles of events that we have no control of.

Often what is worthless survives, while what is valuable perishes; that's how life is. Be realistic see life as it is.

Seek grace to work hard at what life calls you to do & enjoy your work as you do it. Wisdom consists of choosing the best means to the best end. Start dreaming again.

Put in the focus, work, & consistency required. Let's get out of our comfort zone and start exploring. Let's get creative as the young souls we are.

It takes courage & focus to get out of your comfort zone.

The brevity of time. Time on earth is short. Many young souls don't get this. Like, what the hell are you talking about? I got a whole life ahead of me to live.

Until something devastating hits us, it is when we come back to our senses. Don't wait to change later; the time is now. Let's evolve together as a community.

Perhaps what we are going through means to strengthen us in patience.

In doing all this, don't forget to take time and enjoy life. We are all on a journey, and I am uncertain where my destination is; I don't know what tomorrow holds for me.

In my quest for looking for "HOME," I came across commaful fraternity; I have said this several times; I never planned on this - writing. But well, here we are. I will take life as it is.

Honestly, I am here to build a network and start working on something valuable.

I feel like I am in the right place; I joined Commaful a few days ago and am already in love with what I can accomplish.

I found my home; my memories make me who I am. Writing is now my thing; I never thought of it in my life, I have NEVER considered it before, but this is where life got me.

I guess I am not motivated, but the things and mistakes I made have driven me to the person I am now becoming.

I don't know what the future holds for me, but I learn as I evolve into a new being. Change is inevitable - maybe the world doesn't need change; maybe you only need to redesign your priorities.

I hope the memories I make never fade away; I hope everything we do here lasts to build an intuitive & lasting legacy.

I hope we all grow together; if you find this helpful, help me move on to the next step - building connections & change souls. Revolution starts now.

This is my HOME. PEACE.

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