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That moment when you think love isn’t possible anymore, and then someone surprises.

The Linguistics Major

You're a new blanket,

Soft and warm,

That wraps around me

Like a hug

From a person I love.

You're the smell of cinnamon

During the holidays

That brings me home.

You're the taste of refreshing mint

That dulls my senses

And calms my nerves.

You're the sound of rain

That lulls me to sleep

Like a baby

And a mother's song.

You're like watching the sun

Rise again,

Painting the sky in beautiful hues

Of red and gold,

Reminding me there's hope

For beauty in a dark world.

You're a new smile

And a new laugh.

You're a new breath,

A new day,

A new dream,

And a new hope.

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