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_dark_pikabolt_ Denki Kaminari-Todoroki
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@soft_rock_boy (Kiri): What's it like being a villain? Is it fun? Being a villain is pretty amazing, we do fun stuff all the time~ Being a villain has major perks, sometimes those can be cons lol But mostly, everything's good in the LOV. Some arguments here and a little love thrown here and then over there, but yeah.

@galaxypower: As a villain, what are your objectives and motives? My objective and motives, huh.. I've never really thought about it, maybe a little here and there but not a whole lot. My main objective is to have fun, protect the ones I treasure in the LOV and the ones who are not in the LOV. Motives? Well, might as well ask why I became a villain lol

@galaxypower: What type of music do you like? Well, I mostly listen to dubstep, a form of dance music that's typically instrumental, has a strong baseline and characterized by a sparse, syncopated rhythm. That's the definition anyway lol

@galaxypower: Do you like cats or dogs? Or name any pet you like Well, Shinso and I recently adopted this fluffy and loving cat named Truffle after I said I wanted her. He agreed and wants the cat too. He was way more excited just as Toga was over there being little kittens in her belly~

@galaxypower: What catchphrase do you use frequently or want to use? I'm thinking of making up my own catchphrase~ I'm better at thinking up quotes, slogans or catchphrases for people I know rather than for myself, but I'm going to try. I don't really know if I'm using a catchphrase if I change it up all the time~

@himiko_toga_143: Who do you like more? Meee~ or Izu?? I talk to you more than Midoriya nowadays and think of you as a sister. I would say I like you more than Izu. I don't really hang with him as much, I hang out more with Shinso, Kiri, you, Dabi, Shiggy and Kurogiri. Of course I still check up on everyone else once in a while~

@himiko_toga_143: Dabi or Shiggy?? Ouch, well uhhh, I like them both equally, I hang out with whoever's around at the time. I don't keep score or write it on a list titled, "People I like more than other people". I just hang with them, as long as they're cool with me and I'm cool with them, it's all good

@himiko_toga_143: Kurogiri or Twice?? That's easy: Kurogiri. Twice is more of a classmate/acquaintance/ talk every once in awhile person for me; Kurogiri is a parent to me, I always spend time with him, whether it be because I did something to get in trouble or whatever reason it is at the time. Mostly, I hang out with the big four.

Well, that's all for now~~ Bye for now~~ (I need more background pictures lol)

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