My bro Kiri did something so now I will do something too
My bro Kiri did something so now I will do something too reasons stories

_dark_pikabolt_ Denki Kaminari-Todoroki
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My bro Kiri did something so now I will do something too

Reasons why Shinso is better than Todo as a boyfriend/ fiance!

1. Shinso makes me happy with every little thing he says~ 💜 His voice is very calming, it's like a symphony you can never get over, something you can always play and it'll be there for you all the time 💜💜

2. He's a really cuddly person even though he wouldn't seem like it when you first meet him~ His cuddles are the best, it fixes anything wrong with life 💜 All of my worries, bad thoughts, negative feelings and overthinking,, they all fade away the minute we have even a slight hug 💜💜

3. He takes really good care of people~ And I don't mean like a genuinely nice person, I mean as in like a lover sense :3

4. Even though we've been dating for a while, I still-

.. yeah ngdjfc

5. He really loves animals 💜 He's an animal person like me who loves animals and when I say "loves", I mean we'd take every animal in the world just to make sure they were okay and received very good homes. Also,

This is Truffle :3 Look how cute!~ And I don't mean just Truffle-

6. We wear onesies together 💜💜 It's one of my favorite things to do with him 💜💜💜

7. Even though I'm a villain now, he still loves me 💜💜 and that's the best thing I can and would want to ask for~

8. He loves kitties like I do 💜 But you know what he said? He said I'm his favorite kitty 💜💜

9. Bjduebckbd I just love him so much, I could die and resurrect as many times as possible until all my love has been used and is surrounding him~

And these are reasons why MY boyfriend is better than your FIANCE, KIRISHIMA


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