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_dark_pikabolt_ Denki Kaminari-Todoroki
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For Kirishima (@soft_rock_boy)

For Kirishima

You are my best bro and I would die without you. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise <3 Kiri is my best bro, we are bros for life and after and no one, absolutely NO ONE, can provide with evidence where my statement is wrong.

Kirishima and I, we both have really good boyfriends and we wanted to tell each other how much our boyfriends both meant to us by also saying how good of a boyfriend they are. Everybody out there who has a partner knows there are things about them you want to tell everyone about and you want to put your opinion down. You naturally fight for them.

If you don't fight for them, are you really together?? That's a lesson to learn right there. ANOTHER LESSON TO LEARN IS Kirishima is the greatest bro and best friend to ever walk this earth and the worlds before in the history of history;

You Can Fight Me On That. Reasons why Kiri is the best bro and how he is the best bro: 1. He is a literal angel and even Dabi, who thinks of his boyfriend as the only true angel, called him an angel 2. He cheers you up in ways he knows and it works every time.

3. He loves animals just as much as me and Shinso do, and would save any animal he comes across and especially the ones far away 4. He listens to my rants lol 5. He doesn't judge me for anything; he only asked why I was a villain, what it was like and if it was fun. All he cared about was if I was happy, and if

I'm digging too deep into that, so be it. It's such a heartwarming thought to think of. 6. He's only against bad things in the world and what effects they have on the people and the world itself 7. He fights back when necessary and truly knows a good comeback

8. His posts are always cool, funny, ect,,, generally a good post 9. Some may be random posts but they add character to his profile and I find that a whole addon to a good profile: one that's comfortable and gives you happy feelings when you go on it, awaiting a new update

10. He never stopped being my best friend even after he found out I was a villain; even after we argued; even after we had a slight misunderstanding. We bounce back better and more understanding and knowing than before 11. Kirishima is a best bro to ones who deserve it and if they don't deserve it, he is still nice to them. If he really doesn't like

them, he can always push the block button, don't forget 12. We are so in sync lol These are the ones I thought of immediately. Kirishima, you are the best bro and I could never do anything without you to guide me in it, giving me ideas and forever being the best you can 🧡💙❤💛

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