~Answer To The Question Of The Day~~!
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_dark_pikabolt_ Denki Kaminari-Todoroki
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~Answer To The Question Of The Day~~!

~Answer To The Question Of The Day~~!

Three answers to this question~ "Why do people constantly feel the need to overthink? Why do people have to think and rethink about their past, decisions, choices, mistakes, regrets, and everything else they find?"

Mr. Aizawa's answer: Because as they grew up they were scolded for making decisions on their own, they were punished for not thinking, because the people around them made them regret every choice they made and wonder how they could've done better. They were put down so much that they started putting themselves down.

Todoroki's answer: Because as time wore on, they were constantly told they weren't good enough and then they developed a mental state of 'What if', so they are constantly thinking the worst because it was ingrained into their mind.

Kirishima's answer: Well... if you don't think about your past, you'll never realize how much you've improved in the present. Then you'll never know what greatness you can accomplish in the future.

And yes, I asked for permission to post their answers. Thank you for viewing~~

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