*- Random Thoughts of Me -* (Vol.2) "Hi everyone!" \(UwU)/
*- Random Thoughts of Me -* (Vol.2)

      "Hi everyone!"

\(UwU)/  thoughts stories

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Here is the second Volume of Random Thoughts of Me!

And Etho is back!

*- Random Thoughts of Me -* (Vol.2) "Hi everyone!" \(UwU)/

My last Random Thoughts post got a GREAT reaction! So I back here doing more for y'all! Oh! And Etho is back! "Yo!" ,, _(^<^)/*

What is the purpose of music and why do people love it so much? (Me included)

How old is the earth really? "Probably really really old" _(0 <0)_

If dinosaurs were still around today, would we be able to train them like pets? "That. Would. Be. AWESOME!" '\(0 <0)/' *rawr*

On the topic of animals, I wish dragons were real- Probably because of the HTTYD movies. "Everyone knows your a Disney addict- I am too" _(- <-)'

How do birds migrate so far with so little rest? *tweet tweet* (U <'U)

What is it like to be in love? "I want to know too..." _( ! v !)'

Totally a 100% normal question... Could I rock a cape? "I knew you were Batman!!" '\(0 o0)/'

If I was an animal, what would I be? "Definitely a fox" ^ ^ (U wU)

What if the world was run by kids for a whole day? "There is a word for that- Its called 'Anarchy' " _(< .<)'

That's it for this weeks random thoughts. This one was harder for me to do because most of my time this week was celebrating my 17th B-day. "Happy Birthday!!" '\(^ <^)/'

Either way, thank you for reading! Let me know what your answers are to these questions, the more creative the better!

Ok, bye bye! "See ya later alligator!" _(UwU)/'

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