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TRIGGER WARNING: There is a reference to suicide in the end of this, so if you are easily triggered by the thought of suicide, this story is not for you.

Blood Stained Dress

(DISCLAIMER: This is just a story. None of this has to do with me whatsoever. I was born a guy and always have been. I just had an idea for the daily prompt and am now writing it)

Now for the story:


I used to love you

You used to mean something to me

You brought me into this world

Loved me with open arms

But something wasn't right

Every day I was treated like a doll

Dressed up

Made up

Hair pinned up

And every time i saw myself

I wanted to throw up

This isn't me

This isn't who I was born to be

I was a man in a girls body

So I changed

Subtle at first

Dressing slightly different

Not painting my face with bronze colored paste

Dating other girls

You seemed fine

"It's just a phase" you said

But that phase never ended

The changes eventually got bigger

Hair cut short

Always wearing a binder

Going by another name

You said it was just a phase

That I would grow out of it soon

And when I didn't grow out of it

You beat me

Calling me worthless

Saying I'm an embarrassment

Making me feel ashamed to be myself

Saying that I'm just doing it to gain attention

Whatever happened to you're perfect little girl

You made me wear a wig when we went out

Made me put on a gown to hide the scars and bruises

Made me wear heavier makeup to hide the bags under my eyes

Made me put on a smile to hide the pain inside

Made me be your puppet

So I didn't embarrass you

So your friends didn't see how you failed as a parent

Until I eventually had enough

So here I am

Pencil and paper in hand

Writing my final goodbye

Making your life better

By leaving it all together

Because you were right

You did fail as a parent

Because you acted like everything but one

So goodbye

For here I shall lie

Breathing my final breath

As I die in my blood stained dress

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