My friend, My life, My ride or die
My friend, My life, My ride or die friends stories

_brandy116_ i am a writer on Wattpad and a songwrite
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This is a story about me and my friend we are far away from each other and we rarely talk.

My friend, My life, My ride or die

Gone. The day they told me I put on a happy face and pretended I was fine no one else knew her like I did.

You never know how much you love someone till there gone God please bring her back to me please.

Best friends since 3rd grade we were supposed to go to high school and College together but God took her away from me. I never got to say goodbye.

How is she? Does she miss me like I miss her? Is she thinking of me like I am thinking of her?

I’ll never know. I miss her everyday and when we see each other I will be so happy I will tell her how much I love and missed her how I am struggling and I wished she was by my side.

This goes to out anyone who has a friend who is away from you!

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