~For you lovely people out there~
~For you lovely people out there~ few things stories
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_boy_who_flies_ Never hurt my adopted son or my fiance.
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~For you lovely people out there~

~For you lovely people out there~

Facts about Dabi you wouldn't know: 1. He's a touch starved baby. He cannot survive without a hug or a little kiss from me. When he's sad, lonely, bored, or genuinely thinking about things, he'll hug me from behind and bury his face in my hair.

2. He says "I love you" with all his being. He genuinely says "I love you" like he'll never survive if he didn't. He never says it halfheartedly, he doesn't over repeat it unless his feels he can put all of his feelings into it ā¤

3. He cares for people in immense ways. The only person he doesn't care for is Endeavor, and I understand wholeheartedly why.

If you think the cuteness ends there, you're wrong. Dabi gave me the nickname of "Cupcake" šŸ’œ purely because he said I was like a cupcake, sweet and a treat to enjoy. I also like cupcakes lol If you want me to make more of my "Facts about Dabi you wouldn't know", comment šŸ’›šŸ§”šŸ’™ down below

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