Rain on a Parade
Rain on a Parade sad stories

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Screams echo only in unbroken chambers. Rain dampens the walls.

Rain on a Parade

"Why do tears wreck the night clarity?" Flowing sobs echoing through two heads. One listens and the other shakes. The unrelenting discomfort of effect.

"Why do cries escape through corners?" Seen by walkers, ignored. They mock and weaken. They dampen the sharpness of dark, dulling smooth light.

"When will they stop?" Only after the start of silence. The cruelest of eyes work not but still understand. Anonymity loses meaning when it serves truths.

Children of the water, sing dreadful melodies of wisdom. Known to none, yet all strength heed to tricks. Songs of deceit, tunes of the lie, come to infect one.

"Rain of salt, shy away, come out when the lowest play. Slow abide, withered height, frosted teeth begin to bite. Stalk a blow, triggers seen, nothing out while less lay clean.

Bitter touch, numbing pain, come again another day"

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