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A small poem I wrote to forget about my childhood crush🕊

my love from young

I was a kid, I know, yet the first blossoms of love still had room to grow, like blossoms it fluttered, delicate tickles, and stutters, of a love that shrivelled to throe.

Tell me, my love, has youth ever grown so fast that the dove, even falters in midair to keep up with your heart.

It is yet to start, but this rhythm that is called us departs, like a melody in the air waiting to share, the delight of being two in one, a pair?

Oh, the skies change colour, and my love grows warmer, I have never felt more care For anyone else, I forswear.

Tell me my prince what is it you lost, in my eyes that you search, at what cost, will you tell me once you turn away? Or once the skies turn to gray? And stay.

Maybe the stars you caught in your eyes, twinkled more than when you looked at my pies.

It makes me think that this sink, of feelings that I could not prosper, was meant in the hands of another one who holds your heart better than I would ever.

Oh, youth, the miracle of love that I had failed to couth, bring my broken memories and tie these tragedies into one final remedy, to let my love from young, go.

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