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I honestly don't know what this is bye-

On another note, I just wanted to bring some attention to the bombings occurring in Palestine. It would be really helpful if anyone who came upon this sent their prayers or donations to Palestine in an effort to help those being stripped of basic human rights because of ongoing political conflict.
Here is a link that may help: https://www.islamicrelief...

Thank you!!!


all the clocks in my house tick at the same time, but there is one that doesn't tick the same anymore.

i forgot what it had been like without this one clock, maybe the hands withdrew into themselves because time had moved so fast, too fast.

the lines blurred together to create a giant mess, and crash land into this life of mine.

why do other clocks tick ahead and leave this one behind? it beats, it thumps, but is it because it has no hands?

what clock is this that does not tell time, why do i feel rage so thick it can break free at any moment? mother said these clocks are best for me to avoid, but what if it was a clock left behind for time to pick up again?

i pick up the clock and it buzzes quicker in my palms, i smile as the ticks slowly speed up. my brothers call for me and i turn around but i can't see all of a sudden

the betrayal strikes me in the face as the clock in my hands engulfs me, in a pain so bright i realized, that this clock was ticking to stop my time.

the clock that burned so fierce, stopped time for everyone, and i was no exception.

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