Welcome to the ?arson? Contest!!
Welcome to the ?arson? Contest!! arson stories

_arson_ Ash/Akira/Arson✨He/they✨13
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Enjoy the Contest!

Welcome to the ?arson? Contest!!

Hey gamers!

I have a pretty swaggy prize for everyone who comments on this post :]

First, a couple rules: I won't draw any major g0r3 or bl00d or any nsfw stuff.

Lastly, all you have to do is comment and dm or tell me in the comments what you want to be drawn as (how you look, an oc, anything you want basically) and you're in!

This will go on until Thrusday, Nov 25th so I can still have a day to get everyone in and draw it.

Basically what's going to happen is that everyone who follows the rules and comments on this post will be drawn in a big art piece,

you don't have to comment or participate if you don't want to :]

If you have any questions type them below! Thank you all so much, this ends on Thursday, Nov 25th.

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