One hell of a year
One hell of a year #unusannus stories

_arson_ Ash/Akira/Arson✨He/they✨13
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Thank you Mark and Ethan.

One hell of a year

Today's the first year without Unus Annus, it's been hard not to see a notification at 3:00pm every day.

I'm glad I was able to go on this journey of amazing, idiotic videos. Mark and Ethan made me a better person all because of Unus Annus; it was the greatest year of my life.

I knew the time would run out, I knew I couldn't save anything from it. I should've been there from the beginning. I should've watched every video from the start.

But saying a should have and wishing I could go back is futile.

It's over. There's no going back or catching up. There's nothing that can be done really. We need to cherish the moments and memories while we have them.

I will never forget how you changed my life, thank you so much.

Memento Mori, Unus Annus.

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