😐 *g0re warning ehueh*
😐 *g0re warning ehueh* oc or smt yay /s stories

_arson_ Ash/Akira/Arson✨He/they✨13
Autoplay OFF   •   17 days ago
*g0r3, and bl00d warning*

😐 *g0re warning ehueh*

So yeah bby I finished Dr. Stein he looks pretty swaggy

Also I'm really good at drawing cigarettes (on paper, it looks weird digitally) which is worrying- lmao

Also my new oc Oliver (and a swag last name) Key. This is just a little drawing I'm doing :] haha see not inspired by the whole hanaki disease <33

(Yees to drawing above that I'm using as a ref for his colors is mine) I draw like a picrew artist now, this is great /pos

Any finally my biggest issue- blood. Like drawing it-

How do you do that. I can't omfg I'm literally going to rage quit. Like yeah ig this is good enough but still

Can someone show me 😐 like dead ass I'm so confused

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