Paper Bag

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Careful. There's something inside.

Paper Bag

"You were trying to kill yourself?"


"Yes" the voice from the sling bag replied.

I was on the school's soccer field.

The yellow canteen on my left,

The green grass on my right,

White gravel on my feet.

What lies in front of me is the familiar brown sling bag of my friend.

" they gave me 3 items at the train station..."

He continued.

"A bolo, paper bag and..."

Something big and thick inside the bag started moving... In a slow and unnerving movement, that I reluctantly took a step back.


"Oh, its awake" the voice casually announced.

"What is?"

"The snake"

I choked from the air.

A man gripped my wrist from running.

I didn't question how he popped up from nowhere.


I just

I just want

I just want to

I just want to get away

I just want to get away from it.

One thing led to the other,

One thing led to the other, I ended up holding the paper bag.

The hole in front of me.

It seems that the cold blooded animal raided inside the bag.

Its slick, shiny, black and brown scales were sliding through the hole.

I couldn't move away.

I couldn't look away.

Fear paralyzed me.

Because I don't know what would be its end...

...either its head or tail.


Relief turned to horror.

It was tail.

Since the trail stopped,

Since the trail stopped, I can see what's inside.

Cold blooded eyes were staring right at me.

I started hyperventilating and struggled to run away

But the man's grip was so tight I whimpered.

Tears sprung into my eyes.

It lunged towards me.

I woke up breathless.

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