I apologize.....
I apologize..... teen stories
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I apologize to society.
For not following your standards....

I apologize.....

I apologize to society....

For not following your standards.

So I don't want the makeup or the heels 24/7.

Wear crop tops, booty shorts, small skirts nor do I show my bra.

So I don't wear earrings every day, or dress “like a Girl” or have the body you desire.

I don’t look like Kim nor Kylie.I don’t have pumped up lips nor fake hips.

Not a size 2 in hips nor 34DD.

You want me to “break my back”.

Most of all I don't dare to cover up my flaws with Sephora.

Nor do I ever dare to change my appearance all because you want me to.

You pull me aside grab the brush and needle.

Tie my hair up undress me into something I'm not.

I’ll fight back and dress back to me. Messy hair and all.

You call me odd because I read and ignore your stupid rules.

Instead, I play like a “Boy”.

So what if I get some dirt or leaves on my hair.

Or let the rain hit me it’s not like I have $200 on me anyway.

I don't follow your rules.

Nor will I ever give into them.

I don't let a guy have the last word when I know they're wrong.

I don't mind paying the bill myself.

You can push me down to stay seated but I will rise and speak for what's right.

Be a lady well I won't start a fight but I sure as hell will finish it.

So I apologize...

But at the same time... I don't apologize,

This is me... this is who I am.

Rough around the edges and sharp as a knife.

Like a candle, I light up when you try to prove me wrong.

I’m not afraid to take control or speak up against the “Man”.

I’ll dress up when I need to, but sweats and shirts you'll see me in.

You see me as an outcast or different from other women.

I enjoy solitude.

No, I don't enjoy dresses nor makeup every day.

I'm not weird just different...

So what isn't different good?

Will you always push me aside because I'm different from the rest?

Then let me be a lone wolf and stray from the pack called society.

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