Journal entry Nov 16, 2021

Journal entry Nov 16, 2021 journal stories

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Journal entry Nov 16, 2021

I used to never get love songs that went "masakit makita ang mahal mo na may mahal nang iba." I get the situation, the premise, and the cause. Its clear as day.

What I don't understand is the Why.

Why would you love someone who loves someone else? Ain't there a million other people in the world? Plenty fish in the sea?

Why get hungover with someone who makes your life miserable and depressing! Isn't the purpose of life to live it fully and content?

Why waste it with people who never gave a damn about what you feel? Who never showed any blood, sweat and tears in making you happy. You deserve to be happy.

Why are you letting someone control your life, tangina aren't you tired, aren't exhausted in just giving love? And not receiving any back?

Your capacity in giving has a limit, and you're running out. Gumuho bigla ang mundo mo dahil may kasama siyang iba, na masaya siyang hindi ka kasama.

You would've sold everything just so you can be the one to deliver that laughter to her. Handa kang mamatay. Gustong gusto mong mapangiti ang mundo mo, pero bakit nanggaling pa sa iba.

Hindi ba naging sapat ang ... Hindi ka ba naging sapat? Napakarami mo nang sinakripisyo, ngunit bakit patuloy ka pa ding nababalewala, naitatabi, at nalilimutan.

Pero despite all this ranting, mahal mo kaya 'di mo siya malimutan. Na kahit may nagpapangiti na sakanyang iba, hindi mo padin mapigiling masaktan, mawasak, manlumo.

Hindi mo kaya.

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