I've destroyed the world too many times
I've destroyed the world too many times story stories

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Trigger warning

I've destroyed the world too many times

Most of the time, my imagination is like space unicorns colonizing Atlantis. No grip on any reality whatsoever. So don't be bewildered if I've destroyed the world too many times.

I once made humanity have a disease that if they would look at another human being for more than a second, their head would explode. For the first few days, everyone was scared of the repurcussions.

Though there was still a small number of nitwits that neglected the disease.

But as weeks went by, head explosions were gradually increasing. A significant number were going crazy by "being too alone and not socializing properly." But this was predictable, knowing the human race are social creatures.

They eventually became an endangered specie on Earth. Then the dolphins went above ground and took over what was rightfully there's. Nice folks.

In another version, I made everything dark by poofing away the sun.

It was a quick world destruction since apart from the worldwide definite winter, and the famine brought by essentially removing photosynthesis,

the planets of the solar system were in disarray since they were just left floating in space.

There were versions I hated though, because humanity still survived, ugh. It was when I removed all the smart people; all those alive and destined to live.

I thought it was a great idea since if there were no smart people, no one can solve the world's hardest problems and there wouldn't be any innovations! But I couldn't be more wrong.

Apparently, most know-it-alls were dicks, and the world bursted into celebrations without them. And then the race of stupid people, thru their charisma, became the new overlords.

They would make stupid decisions from time to time, but there were still stupid nice guys that would sacrifice themselves to "fix" the situation. It was a shitty world destruction. Next!

There was one when I removed happiness as a human emotion. It was a pleasant experiment. Everyone was just either sad or angry.

It was amusing how just by eliminating joy, humanity would be done for. They were divided into two categories based on their preference on self-destruction.

First are the anger induced killers. Where they're so angry, murder is the only one that can both fuel and satiate their anger. The second one were of course the suicidals. Without hope for happiness, all they want is for suffering to end. Mortal depression was ... depressing.

After the suicidals were done, the killers killed each other to extinction. Simple, I like it.

Tune in next time for more!


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