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What do you fear? What are you scared about

Choosing my Options

What do you fear? What are you scared about?

I'm scared of people hanging in the air, and;

I'm scared of letting people down.

Torn between happiness and selfishness, in a myriad of whale-sized canyons.

Confrontation is no pop idol, no fans nor groupies.

Deciding a choice? is the biggest one with yourself.

Your Yes or No, ripples to all entangled souls.

But most importantly, it affects your own.

It will turn skin to blue, eyes to acid, and kiss to fire.

Everything, will hurt.

But our hearts are bred to be daredevils. We don't calculate for distance, for speed, or for falling.

We jump blindfolded, wholehearted.

I can never fail with a radical heart.

I can never fail with the choice that I chose because its mine.

My choice is my way of moving on.

Thus, let me fly in my own sea of regrets and dreams.

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