15 Things to Self-love
15 Things to Self-love happiness stories

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A little long, but worth it.
We get lost, so here are a few ways to find yourself again. Hope it helps!

15 Things to Self-love

One Smile; even though the world is crumbling. You owe it to yourself to be happy.

Two Sing; even though you sound like a dying cat. Your voice needs to be heard no matter where you are.

Three Enjoy the little things; even though your problems are bigger. It's all about appreciation for what you have, and not for what you don't.

Four Celebrate wins; even though you have so few. No matter how small, your happiest when your winning. It's supposed to be a highlight, enjoy it.

Five Be kind to people; even though a lot of them are hateful. Anything you give, you'll get back a thousand fold, so be kind. Be patient with hateful people; understand that they're just having a bad day.

Six When you are unhappy, quit; even though you're not the quitting type, life is short, don't be depressed if you don't have to.

Seven However weird, do things that make you happy; even though nobody gets it. It can be dancing or vlogging. Let nobody stop your happiness.

Eight Stop over-analyzing tomorrow; the future will take care of itself. Let destiny take its course; you will start to wonder why it bothered you in the first place.

Nine Write things you are grateful for; it can be as simple as being alive, or having air-conditioning. You'll be surprised how countless they are, you will understand just how lucky you are.

Ten There is joy in family; sometimes annoying, but always irreplaceable. Having constant people will keep you sane. Knowing you have people to lean on will give you assurance and security.

Eleven Keep trying and trying. If it makes you happy, do not let failure be a hindrance, conquer it. Failing is a new lesson every time.

Twelve "Decide if it's going to be one day, or day one." Starting is the hard part, but it gets easier. No one ever succeeded sitting down, stand up and take the leap.

Thirteen Get off your phone; there is more to life than your screen. Be active, socialize. Practice freedom in the literal sense, and open your eyes to how beautiful the world is.

Fourteen Spend time with yourself; you are your own greatest investment. There is a difference between lonely and alone. Read, exercise, learn a new language; be a better version of yourself

Fifteen Lastly, Fall in love; even though you get your heart broken, it's worth it. Being in-love is a taste of heaven, never stop loving, open up, be vulnerable.

By MBR If you have more, drop a comment. I'd love to hear it

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