The truth! p2
The truth! p2 thatgirl34 stories
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So guys this is not a true story. This is just a story I made up.😅😂😘😍😜😛.

The truth! p2

Monday Jun,19th I was at school, and I was at school in language arts. And someone called me so then I asked If I could go to the bathroom! So my bestie came with me!

Here is my friend Becka! So I found out that, that was a prank call. So that was nothing! After school, my friend Becka and I went walking. And we were sniffing things for no apparent reason. Then this is when Becka gets a headache. I asked her what was wrong and she says, "I have had a headache the whole day! I told you that earlier, remember"?

Ummm.... No I think I was thinking about my dad, sorry"! MY best friend will not listen to me because I ignored her . So she left me and walked home. I was sad that she may not be my friend again!😭😢😥

But guess what! I was dreaming the whole time.

Everything was a dream. The thing about my friend not being my friend, my dad dead. The real question is, am I actually adopted? But guys only I know that!😅😂 and my mom I was the first child in the family, so know one else knows except me and my mom.

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