The realm of Pluto
The realm of Pluto 72gjb stories

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A Childs Nightmare (Pluto the god of the underworld). Saturday morning will post Gloria's Eyes and Forbade the fruits of the Concubine.

The realm of Pluto

Fiery sky on a dark summer night, the conjurer is on the prowl

Searching the graves thru foggy ash, death lurks about Mixing and pouring the devils brew, demonic potions create

Bodiless fingers ripped from the grave, boiled with frogs and snakes, the siren awaits for satan

Creatures of dark all around, spirits, ghouls, and demons Dragging us down below the ground, infernal place of torment

Burning the flesh, fighting from death, crawling away for freedom Pulling, tearing, ripping at your skin, dragging, slashing, when will it end

I gasp, grown, jump, and defend I wake and shake profusely, casting away the phantasmic fix

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