The Cold Winter
The Cold Winter

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That moment we all may face when a loved one is near the end

The Cold Winter

Crossing the boulevard at half past five Listening to a slow song I can't get out of my mind

Finishing up the long trip home from the hospital where she lies

Into a snowy drive where trees make shadows lurk

Entering the front door, greeted by my friend A loving long-haired labrador, I swear he gives me a grin

Me and my faithful companion with leftovers warmed to eat Adjourn to the living room, we sit silently but incomplete

Falling asleep but waking next morning To a blank screen on the TV

Out the window the snow falls great Stranded by the snow, for the salt trucks I must wait

I have only one place to go Let not the phone ring, the mold of silence can't be broke

Getting prepared for the long lonely journey For the streets have finally been cleared

When the phone rings, and I new she had died On the phone I hear a chorus of cries

This I had feared, the missing of saying goodbye

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