Stand by my Side
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Relationships can have there ups and downs but true love perseveres.

A new poem sunday called The Cosmic Journeyman.

Stand by my Side

Why the fearful people tend to flee I stand here thinking what I want and need

Then I'm reminded of you and me

Many others have honor at stake What is given to you cannot be fake

For my honor does not break

Some will even try for the thrill Immeasurable pleasure with no consequence to feel

But I want to respect your soul and will

All that is wished for but in return You understand why my heart sometimes burn

And thoughts may be stern

Like swimming through a rapid, life is a bumpy ride But the trip will be much smoother if you stay nearby

And in the end our love will certainly thrive

Forgive me for causing strong tides Remain by the shore soon I will arrive

Please remain, stand by my side

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