Once Thunder is void of sound
Once Thunder is void of sound abuse stories

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Abuse and self defense. This poem was written with the song Thunder Rolls in mind. Next poem will be by Thursday morning.

Once Thunder is void of sound

Silence falls in the dead of night An unsettled slumber stirs the fright

When lightning strikes the ground

Tossing, turning, defending blows Concealed by the covers, afraid to go

Avoiding the thunders fearful throws

The wind weakens, the storm dissolves Surviving another horrible fall

Calmness remains for a spell But the sky goes from clear to pale

But this night I'll fight the sin With a revolving cyclone of wind

Gathering thoughts through my many marks Aiming to rectify with steel

Lightning approaches the thunder rolls An audible blazing pound

For lightning's met with a steely death Once thunder is void of sound

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