Ominous Dreams
Ominous Dreams mystery stories

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What if you can see the future would you want to?
Ominous Dreams II will be published 9am Saturday. The sequel is definitely better then the original, very excited about it.

Ominous Dreams

Last night I had ominous dreams, all that is dreamed in the future will be seen Premonition of life is dark for me

The first dream was years before my father died A concrete city where a battle occures my father falls that night

Next sight long after that night another loved one appears in my view My mother sits in a doctor's room she was crying and shaking thru a dark hue

Then flash to a casket surrounded by flowered baskets The nightmare became fact as breast cancer takes my muse

Yet another occurrence will be testing my endurance For my dream has a familiar face

A mangled car with an ambulance afar By arrival it was too late

The scene shakes my body and soul The dying is me that awaits

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