Ominous Dreams II
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What if given the ability to see the future would you want to? Enjoy the twist! Tuesday morning will publish Flesh not for kids rated R and Friday (fiction) will publish Avalanche.

Ominous Dreams II

I too have ominous dreams Why did this happen to me The week before a gruesome wreck, my soul mates anguishing death

Confiding all the horrific words streaming from nightmares He shrugs and nods, with deep breath pause, understanding and aware

Eyes of bold, shows control, no fear, no fright My body shakes, stone look upon face as the word comes one night

Shortly after a spirit passes thru dull morning glaze A dark abode, noxious undertow, dangling legs, they hang

A Colleague known, her sorrows rolled, imploring obtain help Alas I fail, strong warnings paled, God's harp sings her song

8 months since my lovers end, new dream strikes fear Emergency room viciously stews, a concoction of tears

Fever, cough, shortened breath, grows dimmer as night rolls in Writhing, swaying, praying to Lord avoid the pearly gates Pneumonia sets, limitations met, I stir and awake

Briefly after far east masses ailment cause ebbing state Then it begun, cough, lung, to the hospital in haste As my body folds, a strong fever takes hold

Our babies passing, foretold, awaits

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