Mephisto Creek
Mephisto Creek mephisto stories

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When evil faces its own peril.

Mephisto Creek

The lady of the night on fourth and Vine. She is shelling out less than desired time

As alcohol fills my will, my anger flares at the night ladies glare. It produces a sudden absence of air

I jump to my feet, for my sins cannot be seen Stumbling along to my car

Speeding away on the swerving road Remorse and distraught from my violent spawn

My impaired state strikes a terrible fate As the car plunges over the roads edge

Sinking quickly into the rushing creek My belt hugs tight and will not release

As my life submerges in the dark, a last bit of air is gasped

Shattered glass for my final escape as the belt finally releases my clasp But the turbulent water leaves me trapped

Can't hold the breath any longer, my last scream is muzzled and collared

Before my eyes roll into my head I see the night lady again

She reaches out to hold my hand with a vice like choking grip

She starts our descent to my bodies end, at the bottom of Mephisto Creek.

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