Little Tree in the Woods
Little Tree in the Woods ryan white stories

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In memory of Ryan White. Sunday will post Diamante poem called Seven Sins of Divide.

Little Tree in the Woods

All alone in my room watching the world pass by Dreaming of this little tree, wishing for it to grow high

The little tree will grow no more, the big trees rule the yard They see the plight of the weak and poor, longing they stay at a a far

Little trees are all ignored, no one will bother to listen Exiled from the woods about because of their condition

Living long and growing tall are not what's in our vision Being excepted for who we are, dwelling in the forest with no admission

But the big tree cares not for the little tree Wanting for their own good, forcing the harmless to flee

Just like the little tree my fate is set in stone

But just for once I would like to be free in a place that I can call home

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