Here Lies John Doe
Here Lies John Doe john doe stories

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We should do what is right regardless of consequences

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Here Lies John Doe

Here lies John Doe A man who was little known

A homeless person who roamed our roads We hardly new him he lived in low tone

All that is found of this man Was in a corner under the bridge

Nothing but a few hand me downs In a cart with a bottle of gin

All we know is the enormous deed He bestowed to protect a young lady in need

As she was battered by her boyfriend on the street John Doe stepped in to thwart his steam

As the woman fled to search for help The angry man places the violence on John

As the calm settles and the night turns to day His sacrifice for the young lady is put on full display

A homeless man who struggled, a homeless man who dreamed He put forth what's right when wrong is seen

So here lies John Doe An American hero never known

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