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Family Tree
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When all your loved ones have passed away and you have lived a long life what is left? An older relative expressed these thoughts to me so names and dates have been changed for family privacy. All I could say is I will always be here for you. So make sure you visit and spend time with your older relatives because they have been through many years of tragedy and loss.

Family Tree

I am ready to go to my Family Tree.

For this is where my soul should be

Elizabeth passed in 2010, a sister, a confidant, a friend

Charles my love in 2008, a man of strength and faith

John, my son, in 2018

Burying a son should never be seen

Living is not life when all you love has said goodbye

I've lived, I win, for my history has been

I am ready to go, to dream, to be

With my loved ones on the Family Tree

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