Eighty years?
Eighty years?

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Moral dilemma on love, what to do in the end. Ominous Dreams II (Thriller) will be published Saturday morning finished last night just tweaking it and is definitely better then the prequel. See Ominous Dreams (under Thriller) because it is a continuation into ODII. Also, Tuesday morning will publish Flesh (romance) (not for kids, rated R)

Eighty years?

Rocking chair creaks as years go by My mind contemplates the love at my side

After 80 years life lost all cheer Strolling the house, locking doors, pulling blinds Telling nurse goodnight

Unbeknownst our fearful state Until Monday they will wait

Wife of sixty years Cannot speak, agonizing fear I feed her tonight

Nodding head matching thoughts Grimace breaks stoic assault Turbulent malady fought

Holding hands, warm tender Laying down, cold December This will be forever

Prepped dosage far beyond Cold glass washes our last song 80 years to eternal love Would that be remembered wrong?

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