Cupid the Rhapsodist
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Cupid, a love story. Saturday morning I will post Gloria's Eyes and Forbade the fruits of the Concubine.

Cupid the Rhapsodist

Arrows are sharpened, assured to stick Bows are tightened, my aim is enriched

Preparing for Fridays chase

As God of desire, life, and affection My task is hunting the romantics

Kissing, hugging, chocolate hearts They don't stand a chance when my arrow sparks

Passion, devotion, teddy bear text Be mine, adulation, obsessed

As joy flows thru the loving couples There's something amiss in my thoughts

All alone, no kiss, no hug, none can be found for my heart Bittersweet, I shoot, I seek, but my personal dreams forsaken

Then suddenly a sharp pointy blow, there's a pain far below Reaching, feeling, what can it be, pulling, prodding, what do I see

An arrow stuck in me Turning my head there's a cute glowing cupid, she smiles and fires a wink

I glow, gleam, a radiant scene for she keeps looking at me As the couples amass, and enjoy the last of this awe-inspiring day

I walk, then run to my cute cupid dove, a love for all eternity

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