At the end of ones tether
At the end of ones tether

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What one little thing we can do to help in this time of crisis.

At the end of ones tether

At the end of ones tether do people realize The support we give helps the pain to subside

Near the end of the rope

Helping our own, the suffering is great Take the step and provide for the day

We are the last hope

The bones are brittle the skin is thin Hunger is consuming everyone within

Desperation is on the rise

Famine can be found all around Feeding the hungry wears the nobelist crown

Reaction of many can avoid the blight

Ignoring the starving in this most difficult time Killing humanity when our spirit should provide

At the end of ones tether hunger still lies

Americas food pantries are running low and many need those supplies. If you have the ability to donate to your local food pantry please consider doing so, thank you.

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