Applaud the Heroes
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To all the heroes during this time in history

Next poem Wednesday.

Applaud the Heroes

To Doctors and nurses who keep us all well I Applaud your fight, please keep your health

To fireman and police that keep us safe and at peace I Applaud your duty during the planets grief

To families and people who are doing their part I Applaud your effort to avoid spreading it too far

To scientists and pharmacists whose spending countless hours on search I Applaud your fight for a cure

To military and organizations who provide support I Applaud your battle to help protect our fort

To Caregivers, workers of stores, restaurants, supply chain, Amazon and beyond I Applaud your bravery in going out and doing your amazing job

As we live and continue to progress through our strife Let's not forget to Applaud the people deep in the fight

So Applaud the heroes tonight.

Madrid, Spain clapping for the heroes at 10pm. See on youtube.

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