A night on the Commaful site
A night on the Commaful site night stories

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A haunting while on Commaful Site

Next poem will be Saturday

A night on the Commaful site

Laying still in the dead of night Browsing through the Commaful site

When silence breaks the calm

Quiet, listen, what's that noise Is it wind from the vent or a moaning voice

I try to return to my original place When the light flickers in ominous haste

I hope the light needs replaced

Ok, enough, I'm getting worked up It's time to go to sleep

As my eyes grow heavy, I start to doze When the walls move with a shadowy flow

I ponder the movement, why does the shadow roam

My mind stirs and my heart raced staring at the wall with the darkened shapes

As the shadow lingers on the wall, a chill blows, my skin crawls

I feel the hand of a haunted touch

The chills of a ghostly hush

My eyes wide open, for no sleep tonight

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