A Kansas Sky
A Kansas Sky tornado stories

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The storm is a metaphor for the damaged relationship. This poem is 2 in one. A second poem is built in and is the poem posted A Kansas Sky (Interlace). Hope you like the concept.

A Kansas Sky

Radiant blue summer skies Fade to gray and turns on a dime

Thereafter the marriage day

A coldish heat mixes warm While incompatible climates form

When yearning turns to stray

Blowing, twisting, cyclonic winds Rips at nail tight hinge

As relations suffer the fate

Forging forward the structure stands Windows, shutters, flutter but band

While converse boils in hate

As morning after bestowes A hush on a house of brittle stone

For healing needs much divine

Repair and restore the hollow ground With a watchful eye on a darkened cloud

On a parting Kansas sky

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