What is real?

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Don't trust it, trust me :)

What is real?

I got up ofter of an hour thinking, I grabbed my bag and went outside, which didn't felt safe of course The city was lit up with colorful lights, it almost looked like some kind of carnival. Windows were broken and the fire was almost everywhere. People were leaving the city with cars but most of them were broken like someone just went ham on them,

I proceeded further inside the city, glancing throughout it. People were selling lights. I went up to them, to look at it, "100$?! Oh hell no!" And that was it. Till I saw a woman selling some herbs, they were shining making me want to touch it... So I got close to them, but the woman slapped my hand off of them,

'These flowers aren't for someone to just come up to them, and touch them. Buy it.Or.Forget it.' I looked at my hand, I glanced at where she slapped me, then the prise of the herbs... "299$?! Who would even buy THIS?" Although...I suppose I was incorrect,

'I will take 8.' Someone from behind me spoke, causing me to flinch. So I glanced behind to see... Whoever he was, fine hair, nice cloth, charming appearance. I imagine he has a nice life too. The woman smirked and gave him the herbs right away. "Only one herb left. I think I should just buy the lights."

I gazed at the guy again, suddenly he looked back so I turned my head aside. Then I feel a pat on my arm, 'Do you want one? It's not really special, I just brought it cause it looked cool,' "HE BOUGHT IT CAUSE IT LOOKED COOL?! How rich is he?" I nodded, but how is this herb more helpful than light...?

I stared at the herb he gave me...It drew me in, I was running for my life, from what? I was so scared, I couldn't breathe, but why? I looked back, but there was nothing, how? 'You're light of my life, remember it.'

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