A day with no sun.

              A day with no sun. bts stories
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Part 1...let's see that it brings us.

A day with no sun.

It all began in 2020, June 1st. When I woke up, I thought my light went out...but no. It felt weird too... So I grabbed my phone, it was dead, somehow I got scared even more. So I looked around my room..pitch black inside and outside... and a lot of screams What was happening?

I immediately dashed to the window, only to see... the city was completely shut down. "Okay, this is getting weird and scary. Why where are people screaming?" - I thought, so I started to search for a flashlight. I found it but it looked like something suck the life out of it.

Then I heard it...the sirens, really loud sirens. It was coming for all the skyscrapers...so I looked outside again. 'To all citizens, the city has been shut down, no sort of "white light" is available, only red, green, blue, and orange. Our systems had been hacked but stay calm, we have it under control, stay in your houses. May God be with you all.'

I started to panic. "No "white light"? What does that even mean? What about the sun? Is it still night? What the hell should I do?" I sat down on the floor, getting myself together. Then I saw red and blue lights shine inside my bedroom. I got up to see now skyscrapers having lights on top of them, moving around, letting people see a little.

"Should I go outside? But they said don't go outside...I need some kind of light, so I need to go outside...ahh my head." My head started to hurt, I was just staring at the lights shining threw the window, So this was life now? In The Dark?

Hi guys! I decided to make part 1 for that I call "In The Dark" Please like this post if you want more and comment the answer. I am gonna upload it when I put the story together but I will be back! Stay safe! P.S This is a fan/fiction about BTS

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