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Lee Felix from Stray Kids takes care of you when you are sick.

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Stay With Me

by Myself

Felix and the boys were in Korea on tour and you were at their dorm having the contagious flu. Your boyfriend was Felix.

You were thankful to have him as a boyfriend because he knew English, teaches you how to speak Korean, and he likes to take care of you. Your phone alerted you and it was a text from Seungkin.

Yeobeseyo yeoja hyeongje! Hope you are feeling better ya? Lee and I and the rest of the boys will be home soon. XX You smiled at the text and replied to kin: I'm getting there Kin.

There's no rush. Tell everyone that I said hi. Have fun tonight!

You put the phone down for a nap. It was actually a long one too. As soon as it hit midnight, you heard a soft deep Aussie voice, “Hey baby.

How are you feeling?” You slowly opened your eyes to see Felix in his mask smiling at you. “Hey, Lee. I feel the same. thank god you put that light on or I would think you were a thief.

” Felix laughed as he rubbed your cheek. “Really? You wouldn’t recognize my accent?

you're just tired. I can understand. Well, we had a late dinner. Want leftovers?” Felix got up to go to the kitchen. “First, wash your hands before you go out there. You touched my cheek.

”The lead rapper rolled his eyes like he knew the drill. “I know. I should ask Jinsung if he has extra gloves.

” You had a confused look, “Why would he have those?” You heard the faucet run in the bathroom.

“Trash duties.” He laughed again. You shook your head, “Immature much?” You coughed into the sheets as Felix went to the kitchen. Seungkin was by the door talking to your man.

"geunyeoneun gat-eun salam-eul neukkinda. geunyeoleul mannago sipdamyeon maseukeuleul jab-eusibsio.” Then it was quiet. You loved how the boys care about you.

Minutes later Lee and Kin came into the room with food. "mas-issneun!”

Seung smiled that you are slowly learning his language, "cheonman-eyo!” The Aussie boy nodded his head, “Impressive! You are having a conversation with one of my boys!

” His eyes smiled as he muffled his words. “Seungkin, did you get any stuffed animals for me?”You knew he was a master at claw machines. “No time. Sorry.” he saddened. “It's okay.

You patted his knee. “Alright Ms. Y/m/n time to feed you.

Kin, neoneun meomul su-iss-eo. If you want to see a huge mess my girlfriend can make.” Felix and Seung laughed as your man put on gloves.

“ah shoot! I forgot your meds!” You sighed, “After dinner love. okay?” You smiled at the freckled boy, as he grabbed some kimchi on the fork.

“Here comes the choo choo train! Whoosh!” You opened your mouth trying not to laugh and hit his thigh.

“You are going to make the mess and not me!” The freckled boy put his gloved finger on his mask telling you to calm down. “I know. I will clean up after.

Okay? " You nodded and waited for the next portion of food.

As dinner was over, Lee told his roomies that he was going to sleep. He went back to the room and walked to you where you were sleeping. "Scoot over sunshine.

" You loved his tired voice, "Thing is how are you going to sleep with the mask on your face?" The rapper lowered his mask to his chin. "I'll sleep like this." He winked at you. "Agi, no.

You are going to get my flu if you don't put it up to your nose!"

"So? Sickness and health. We stay together, take care of each other. That's what love is." Soon as your boyfriend laid down, his cologne hit your nostrils.

"Why do you have to wear cologne to bed?!"Felix couldn't help but laugh, "Do you want me to smell in bed?" You shook your head no. "Okay then, come here! Lee grabbed your waist and smiled.

"God I haven't seen that smile all day cause of that mask! I'm tempted to kiss you right now." The Aussie boy sighed, "You'll get better don't worry. Are you warm?"

"I don't know doctor, you tell me." You flirted. Lee's soft hand touched your forehead, "You're good. Let's get some sleep, did a lot of singing and dancing tonight. I love you.

" He looked over at you and you were asleep.

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