Waliking on Water

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For days I've been walking on water

Waliking on Water

For days I've been walking on water

The ocean not letting me sink

It is helping me find my true calling

Or at least I think

The ocean and it's enlessness

Each of the seven seas

Guide me to where I belong

Someone who wants me

One thing, one person

Who will help me stay afloat

Drifting above the problems ahead

Giving me a sense of hope

I've been searching

For days on end

Waiting for the one

To call my friend

And alas a figure rises

Out of the water with ease

A man of godly form

Oh, how I worship thee

A whip of his hand

And up I go

A pillar of water

Holds me up from below

I still manage to walk

On the waters edge

And I know why

It's because of my friend

He's guided me through

The oceans for years

My safety, he seems

To hold so dear

I watch him leave

As he sinks down low

And the pillar of water

Falls below

I fall but float

Back on the surface

I have figured out

Why I deserve this

I've been walking here

For days on end

Because I love the sea

And I call it my friend

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