Mary Had A Little Lamb

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They were inseperable until another came. She swept him of his feet and the inseperable were separated.

Mary Had A Little Lamb

They were inseperable until another came. She swept him of his feet and the inseperable were separated.

Gregory Lambkens was always seen with his best friend Venesa Roberts. Wherever he went she followed, wherever she went he followed. They were always together.

Laughing, talking, and enjoying each others company.

It was halfway through the year and a new girl showed up. She was shy and no one was able to speak to her much less go near her without her running away from them. Her name was Maryland Doone.

Everyone ignored her except one boy. Gregory. He was the only person she would talk to and he loved to talk to her. He followed her everywhere. She followed him.

Venesa was lost. Gregory had left her to be with another girl. She wasn't angry. Gregory had beleived they were just freinds since she never tried to tell him that she loved him.

It was obvious now that he loved Maryland more than her. She didn't speak to the pair for days. Not until he came to her first.

They were in the school yard and Venesa was under a tree, when she heard a whisper she knew too well. She looked up to see his face. He told her that he was sorry that he left her.

He had seen that Maryland was crazy. An insane, out-of-her-mind, crazy. He wanted to be with Venesa. Then what he said next flipped her upside down. He loved her. She looked up.

Fear and embarrasement was written all over his face, but when she smiled at him it was transformed into pure joy. She loved him to.

They were inseperable again. Going out on dates, having fun, telling their story to friends with a song they made up.

Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb, Mary had a little lamb his fleece was white as snow. Everywhere that Mary went, Mary went, Mary went. everywhere that Mary went he was sure to follow...It was all about how Maryland swept Gregory away.

The part when the kids would laugh and play was based on the opposite of Venesa had done. Cry to herself under a tree. She would never want that in their song.

It was the end of the school year and everyone was excited to meet up during the summer. Then Gregory made the biggest mistake of his life.

Maryland began to follow him during the last few weeks of school and he wanted to set her down. He brought her around the corner to talk to her in private.

He told her that it would be best if she wasn't with him, with the usual "it isn't you it's me". She was shocked and angry.

Just as he went to leave her to think, she did something that no one would ever know about until he was found again. At that corner. On the first day of school. By Venesa.

She cried there until there were no tears left in her.

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