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4pulelehuaCommunity member
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Losing my Dad in 2009
my Mom in 2011 then my husband of 20 years in 2013.

All Alone I'm still here figuring out what my life is all about. Trying to be strong, But who knows for how long? Really trying to be the same I only feel myself going insane. Couldn't really grieve or cry for my loved ones that have died. I miss them all and I just want to sigh. No reason, no lies just being alone and I want cry, there's no one at home and no one I can phone Been told many times Be strong and that I need to hold on My heart feels a pain that I can no longer sustain Knowing I will never hear or see you ever Felt all alone You left, was gone. How much I needed you But there was nothing you could do. I wanted to let go and die for I felt I had no more ties Just feeling alone tears rolling down my face I wish I was in another time and place.

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