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44rt_bb One word: Angst ;)
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Conflict, raw emotion, nothing: This describes how I felt about my life a few months ago.


My head is hot.

Sweet from frustration and sadness.

Tight with confusion.

My walls are forming.

Hard, cold walls that even shut out those I love dearly.

I feel nothing.


Just blank space.

I am blank space.

A puppet in which you gave life.

You were my everything.

Did everything to make you proud.

Walked the way you wanted.

Talked the way you wanted.

Dressed the way you wanted.

Then you told me that's what I wanted.

When I went off the path, I was shunned.

Being a shell of a person, I came back, asking for forgiveness.

Never feeling full without you.

Continue to go where you want.

Do what you want.


Then... I found someone.

Someone who saw that weak light in me.

Head over heels I fell.

Unacceptable for you.

You cut me out.

I didn't mean for this to happen.

Did everything for you.

Lived my life to make you happy, to please you.

Now I am nothing to you.

I am falling in a pit of nothing. Of darkness. Empty.

Not even my love to comfort me.

He holds me and all I feel is nothing.

Nothing for you, nothing for him, nothing for me.

I am nothing. Floating in nothing.

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