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44rt_bb One word: Angst ;)
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A happier poem for once ;) It's about finding my soulmate!

My Light.

As I sat along the shore,

my body drained,

lifeless and damaged,

bent and broken.

Water was rising.

Gasping for air.

Failed by the ones we loved

And yet we continued on.

The traitor sails off

into the horizon.

No goodbye.

No "so long".

White light pulses in the distance.

Warmth and hope rises within me.

Could it be? A ship?

This close to the rocks?

No one ever saw.

No one ever sees, but

those blue sails.

Closer and closer the rays shined.

Please come in time.

My vessel was in no shape to continue on.

Fading in and out along the rocks.

All goes to blackness.

Feeling strong arms surround me.

Blue, calm eyes greet me as I wake.

Wide smile over a bearded mouth.

A brave, kind, gentle soul.

My savior. My light. My ship.

"You're safe now." He said.

"I know." I replied.

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