Red and Blue
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3riangles Poetry.
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A colourful lover's poem.

For her, vol. 4.

Red and Blue

You burn like a wildfire Roaring through the night

Destroying all that is in your path and giving them new life

Your existence, as if it's blood pulsing with heat staining everything you touch

You, sweet like fresh strawberries

and yet laced with elegance like a glass of aged, red wine

Or perhaps you are a rose Alluring, enticing

yet guarded with thorns against the most worthy of men

Perhaps the sun, too?

The brightest star fiery, blinding and perpetual

Blessing life with its kiss Until they get too close.

And I, the moon

with its cracked surfaces and flaws sit quietly in the cold night

reflecting an eerie dimness onto roofs over sleeping souls

I am the ocean

Bringing a sense of calmness as my waves hit the shore

but dare not to venture too deep - my darkness may drown you

Or I, perhaps a sapphire

embedded in a rock chipped away slowly revealing my true glow.

And somehow, with a turn of events, Blue meets red on a palette

The colours seep into each other

A stream finds its way into new territory like an arm reaching into oblivion

Hesitantly, the colours circle around each other and then,

all at once into a beautiful violet

My tides meet your lava, devouring one another

Steam scalds the air Sizzling, as we reach an equilibrium

as you call my name gasping for air in pain and ecstasy

as you surrender yourself with my hands around your neck.

Let go

Let me savour your heat

Let me keep you afloat

Let me add light to your darknest dawns

As you consume me with your fire little by little, bit by bit.

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